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Premodded Xbox 360 Slim Console with 250GB HDD (x360Key)

€ 375,00
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Xbox 360 250 GB: meer mogelijkheden in een compacte behuizing

De Microsoft Xbox-familie is weer een aanwinst rijker. En wat voor een! De Xbox 360 250 GB beschikt over meer mogelijkheden dan zijn voorgangers. Daarnaast is deze combinatie van spelcomputer en mediacenter een stuk compacter, maakt nauwelijks geluid en ziet er met zijn slanke, shiny behuizing ook nog eens superstrak uit.

Maak van je Xbox 360 een mediacenter

De naam zegt het eigenlijk al. Met deze Xbox 360 beschik je over een riante 250 GB aan opslagcapaciteit. Dus naast je gamedata en Xbox Live-profielen is er meer dan genoeg plaats voor fotobestanden, HD-films en een uitgebreide muziekcollectie. Zo maak je moeiteloos een compleet mediacenter van je Microsoft Xbox 360 250 GB.

Verbinden via de interne Wireless N-kaart

Films streamen van of naar je Xbox 360, zonder onhandige kabels door heel je huis? Draadloze technologie maakt het mogelijk. De Xbox 360 250 GB heeft zelfs een ingebouwde Wireless N-adapter. Dus je hebt geen externe accessoires nodig om contact te maken tussen jouw netwerk, het internet, Xbox Live en je Xbox 360 250 GB.

Helemaal klaar voor Microsoft Kinect

De Xbox 360 250 GB is helemaal klaar voor Kinect! Spellen spelen zonder controller, je Xbox bedienen met handgebaren en je stem, Kinect maakt het mogelijk. Op de oude Xbox 360-modellen heb je nog een extra voeding nodig voor de Kinect-sensor, maar dankzij een extra Kinect-aansluiting maak je direct verbinding met de Xbox 360 250 GB.

Inclusief controller en headset

Een draadloze, zwarte controller en bedrade Xbox Live-headset maken het Xbox 360 250 GB-pakket helemaal compleet. Ook je oude, vertrouwde Xbox 360-controllers en haast alle andere accessoires werken prima met deze console. Alleen de externe Xbox 360 Hard Disks en Memory Units zijn niet compatibel met dit model.

In de doos:

  • AC-adapter
  • Zwarte draadloze controller
  • Zwarte bedrade headset
  • AV-kabel (composiet)
  • Handleiding

Microsoft Xbox 360 250 GB features:

  • Compacte Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Spelcomputer én mediacenter
  • Stiller dan zijn voorgangers
  • Interne 250 GB harde schijf
  • Ingebouwde draadloze netwerkkaart
  • Klaar voor Microsoft Kinect
  • HDMI- en S/PDIF-aansluitingen


Xbox 360 Slim 4GB (Bulk) Kinect (Black) Kinect Adventures X360key

€ 400,00

The new Xbox 360. He is there! Ready for tomorrow with a new, leaner machine in an all new black finish. Wi-Fi is built in for easier connection to a world of entertainment on Xbox LIVE. Moreover, he is ready for the controller-free experiences of Kinect (Project Natal) with which you finally really immersed in the game.

Built-in Wi-Fi:
The new Xbox 360 is the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in for a faster and easier connection to Xbox LIVE. Download or stream HD movies, TV episodes, and games from Xbox LIVE Marketplace in 1080p and 5.1 surround sound throughout the house available. Compatible with b / g / n networks.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller:
The award-winning, high-performance wireless controller is back, now with Xbox Guide Button for quick, in-game access to friends and music. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of 30 hours on two AA batteries.

Xbox 360 Composite A / V cable:
Get more out of your Xbox 360. Increase the quality of your standard-definition TV with this S-Video connection for a noticeable improvement over traditional composite connectors.

Kinect brings games and entertainment in a very special way to life, with your whole body participates. Arms, legs, feet and hands, with Kinect there are no controllers, just you. It's so natural, so intuitive that technology disappears into nothingness, so the natural magic in all of us sitting radiant comes out. All you have to do is: Jump in.

Kinect works with your Xbox 360 and brings you a special form of entertainment. The unique sensor and specially designed games of Kinect make movement of your entire body to part of the game. And the great thing is that Kinect with every Xbox 360 console works.
Kinect brings revolutionary new way to play games and entertainment on Xbox 360 experience. In short: no controller required!

When it is released, you can play sports, singing and dancing, fighting and all the world's best game designers but can imagine. Your actions and your emotional reactions will all through your Xbox 360 are recognized and acknowledged.

This incredible new gaming experience is made possible thanks to the Kinect Sensor, combines an RGB camera, depth sensor, multi-array microphone and custom processor running proprietary software all in one device. Existing cameras and controllers tracking movements only in 2D, but Kinect follow body movements in 3D and responds to commands, directions ... even changes in the emotion in your voice be heard!

By registering for the Kinect Sensor to draw, you can simply instructions with your voice. And not just keywords, but complete sentences. The Kinect sensor recognizes your face too, so you can sign into Xbox LIVE without you having anything to say or do, except maybe look happy.
With Kinect is the only experience you need, the experience you gain from life. It will be out soon and the world of entertainment will drastically change, but exclusively on the Xbox 360.

Kinect AdventuresIn Kinect Adventures game with your family and friends through 20 exciting adventures in exotic locations. Work together as you navigate roaring rapids, challenging obstacle course travels or a leaky underwater laboratory ed. Show your services online through pictures and moving images!

Xbox 360 Slim 320 GB + Kinect Limited edition Star wars (x360Key)

€ 449,99

Xbox 360 Bundle: Bring the Star Wars characters you know and love into your living room with this custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 console with custom sounds. Features C-3PO as an unlockable character for the Dance Mode in the Kinect Star Wars game.

Kinect Sensor: Includes the first ever custom white sensor. Immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe with full-body gameplay. Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: Includes custom C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.
Kinect Star Wars game: Enter the Star Wars universe like never before. Use the Force like a Jedi, become a champion Pod Racer, pilot iconic ships and much more.
Kinect Adventures game: Get off the couch and into the game in a whole new way. You and your friends and family will jump, dodge, and kick your way through 20 pulse-pounding adventures set in exotic locations.
320GB Hard Drive: The largest hard drive available on Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Wired Headset, and Xbox LIVE Token for exclusive downloadable content,built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi built-in for a faster and easier connection to Xbox LIVE

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